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Mulder, Scully and X files are coming back

Mulder, Scully and X files are coming back

Some of you guys maybe are tired about Zombies, if the answer is YES, something different is coming BACK,

If you born in 90s or before, a great science fiction tv show was part of your generation with Aliens, weird cases, mythology etc. If 15 years ago, it was a hit, now with all the technology it will be amazing.

“In 2016 FOX presents the next mind-bending chapter of, THE X-FILES, with a six-episode event series from creator/executive producer Chris Carter. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return as Mulder and Scully in, THE X-FILES!”

However, its difficult to make everyone happy, so few fans get upset and anothers are excited, here some reaction about this news


  • “Yes, the mythology is back, maybe this time we’ll get a proper ending unlike season 9 where the second to last episode was about a haunted Brady Bunch house followed by a finale that was mostly a recap episode, didn’t Seinfeld teach us anything”
  • “Words cannot describe my excitement! I was named after Dana Scully by my parents in 1997 and I was always too young to appreciate the X Files while it was on air, or even when the movies came out. Having recently become a major fan (as I should be) I am just so excited that I can finally experience watching the X Files on air, awaiting new episodes. Unfortunately for me, I always went into watching the X Files with much of the later seasons plots already known to me. Finally I can enjoy some of the mysteries! Can’t wait!”
  • Sweet! And they’re gonna bring back smoking man? But he died…didn’t he?
  • Not sure i’m gonna tune in. I think bringing back the show is a mistake. The early seasons were magic and it doesn’t seem like Chris Carter and his team have been able to recapture it. There are very few shows I can think of that were brought back years after cancellation and were good. I’ll either wait for the reviews or maybe check out the first episode and then decide if I want more.
  • YESSSS!!!!! THANKYOU GOD!!!!!! AND THANKYOU FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I was so excited about the show, until I heard Russia is involved again. And why Americans just cannot leave them alone…I am afraid this can bring the show in the territory of cliché. Bring on the cold war! Its all Russia’s fault as always :)))))
  • Always felt The X-Files were better when it dealt with the “monster of the week.” The first few alien conspiracy episodes were okay but it just became too much for me to handle. Hopefully they will at least have 1 “monster of the week” episode.
  • The last episode smoking man talks about the final invasion being 2012. I wonder if they’re still going to talk about what exactly happened in that year. Maybe they didn’t think there would be another X-files or maybe smoking man explains it. And as much as I like the monster of the week episodes, I really hope they stick more to the main plot since it’s only a mini-series. And even after all of the final season, Scully still seems like a skeptic.
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