HOW TO TRAVEL IN YOUR HOMETOWN - Be Noisy in the world
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We all love to travel – anywhere, anytime. But even us Noisers have to stay at home sometimes. So how do you be a traveller in your own hometown?

1) go to the old “bad” neighbourhoods – quirky start-up businesses go there for the cheap rent, and they get a good mix of interesting shops and restaurants, but remain hidden gems as locals stay away because of past troubles

2) have a healthy holiday – pick a physical activity to do every day

3) join a club, even if it’s something you haven’t been interested in before – you’ll find a social network that you would never have linked in with before

4) join a walking tour – there will be so many attractions and lots of history that you walk past every day without noticing

5) wherever you are going, park a few blocks away and walk the extra distance down the side streets – you might find a shop or park or beautiful church that you didn’t know about


6) pick a different cafe for your coffee every day

7) rent a room out to a traveller – you will catch their enthusiasm for your own town

8) take your camera out in your neighbourhood with a goal to take 10 photos. When you are really looking, you will notice things you normally miss and find beauty in your everyday surroundings

9) Be a fashionista or art connoisseur – go re-stock your wardrobe with clothes from local fasion designers and fill your walls with paintings by nearby artists. Whether they are already world-famous or an upcoming talent, you will discover what creativity is all around you

10) ask all your friends what one place they would take a tourist to, then visit all of them! Your friends will all have different ideas, so you will see your town from lots of different perspectives.

So, Noisers, go and be a traveller in your hometown! Tell us (and send photos and videos) of what you find!



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