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Top 12 The best real Housewives

Top 12 The best real Housewives

If you dont have idea about this series, we can tell you is one of the best reality shows right now. actually they have many seasons and many versions like  New York or Melbourne, Atlanta, etc

After watch all of them, we select the best ones, this wives that you wont forget for X or Y reason, There are our favourite 12

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1) Bethenny Frankel (New York) – joined the series broke – struggling to make her business take off and barely paying the rent. Used the show as a vehicle to launch her businesses and is not a multi-millionaire. Has since had her own tv shows, written best-selling books, left the Housewives – and then saved the show by returning and causing a surge in ratings.

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2) Nene Leakes (Atlanta) – reportedly the highest paid of all the Housewives series. Certainly the loudest and one of the best at creating drama.

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3) Gina Liano (Melbourne) – we love Gina for her catty remarks and over-the-to glam style. Dont forget she is just an apprentice.

Photo Instagram Gina Liano
4) Sheree Whitfield (Atlanta) – sense of grandeur knows no bounds. Remember when she launched her fashion line “She by Sheree” – but with no clothes, just pictures! Also known for the famous catch-phrase “who gon’ check me, boo?”

Photo Instagram @ShereeWhitfield

5) Teresa Giudice (New Jersey) – we thought her table-flipping at the end of season 1 was dramatic, and the never-ending battles with Danielle Staub and then her own brother & sister-in-law Joe & Melissa Giudice, but the ensuing years have seen Teresa the drama dialled up to maximum with Teresa servicng a 14-month jail sentence. No confirmation yet whether she will return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey when she gets out of jail, but everyone wants to see the next chapter in the Giudice

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6) Caprice (Ladies of London) – not technically a Housewife, but Ladies of London is a similar concept on the same network, and Caprice deserves a mention for claiming to be more famous than Catherine the Duchess of Windsor because she knocked her off the front page of a magazine.

Photo Twitter @CapriceBourret_

7) Vicki Gunvalson (Orange County) – the original housewife from the original series. Keeps the right level of craziness and drama to keep being signed on for another season.

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8) Kim Zolciak (Atlanta) – her life has transformed in front of the cameras. Remember season 1 when she had a secret (allegedly married) boyfriend, Big Poppa, and Kim’s goal was to be a singer despite admitting she knows nothing about music (her singles Don’t Be Tardy for the Party and Google Me proved she must know something about the music business). A few years later, and the cameras captured the moment Kim met her now-husband; on Housewives and the spin-off Don’t Be Tary, Kim has gotten married and had 4 more kids and her career keeps on growing.

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9) Jo (Orange County): deserves a mention for being the first in a long line of housewives to get her own spin-off series, and to try to crack the music business with her own single.

Photo Twitter @justjodelarosa

10) Luann de leSepps (New York) – her catchy singles with cringe-worthy live performances make her one of our favourite housewives.

Photo Facbeook Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

Photo Facebook Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

11) Kim Granatell (New Jersey) – Kim G was never a full-time Housewife but Kim is a favourite as she brought several seasons of drama on a part-time basis. She was great at playing both sides in the war between Danielle Staub and the Manzo/Giudice alliance.

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12) Michaele Salahi (DC) – the Washington DC franchise was short-lived but brought one of the biggest controversies in Housewives history when Michaele gate-crashed a party at the White House.

Photo Facebook Neal & Michaele Schon

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