If real jobs were the same as on Home & Away - Be Noisy in the world
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If real jobs were the same as on Home & Away

If real jobs were the same as on Home & Away


One of the most Important tv series in Australia is Home & Away,  It have been on from 1988, almost 30 years, for you that are a follower of this show, just YOU can understand what we are talking about here.

If real-life jobs were the same as they are represented on Home & Away, we would

All love our careers. I want to work in Summer PhototasticCollage-2015-09-16-08-11-29Bay because:

– Doctors: can fix most injuries within minutes with just a bandage. A really serious

injury means the person goes to hospital and is in a coma for a few nights, but you

still just bandage them up and they come good.

– Chefs and waiters at the diner: only ever work the lunchtime shift and spend almost

all of it gossiping with the customers. Most customers only ever order an OJ, and

even then they leave without drinking it, so it’s easy work.

– Caravan park owner: the only work involved is handing out the key when someone

arrives. You don’t even need to do this very often, as most of the guests are friends

who need somewhere to stay after moving out of Irene’s house.

– Bait shop owner: Alf has the most cruisy job. He puts the “open” sign out in the

morning, and takes it in at night. What a career.

– Boat tour operator: to be fair, this was a tough gig for Alf. He only did tours

occasionally and it almost always resulted in someone falling overboard, getting lost

at sea, or stranded on a deserted island.

– Teacher: a very popular job for the characters of Home & Away. No qualifications

required – a lot take the job directly out of high school, or after working at the diner,

without bothering with a teaching degree. The job includes walking the corridors,

chatting with students, and if ratings are low, having an affair with a student.

School principal: same as teacher except they walk with a clipboard in their hand.

Expect a promotion to principal of Summer Bay High after teaching for a year or two.

-High school student: typical day involves walking along the beach to school, hanging

around the lockers, then remembering that every period is a free period so walking

back down the beach to the diner.

– University student: getting into Yabbie Creek Uni is a sure sign of being written out

of the show. The best way to stay in Summer Bay is to keep repeating the final year of

high school for four years.

– Lifeguard: walk along the beach. Not much chance of getting wet as the beach has

lots of walkers, a few surfers, and no swimmers. This job is ideal for getting the heart-

throb characters to get their gear off more often.

-Gym instructor: there’s only 2 pieces of equipment in the gym so very little

instructing is required. Should consider getting a second job at Noah’s Bar in the surf

club next door.

– Police officer: for a small town, Summer Bay has some pretty hardcore crime going

on. This job is always interesting as there’s only one police officer to handle the

whole gamut from traffic duty to murder investigations.

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