Growth, Awareness and friendship: A week of young energy in Osho Gautama Multiversity - Be Noisy in the world
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Growth, Awareness and friendship: A week of young energy in Osho Gautama Multiversity

Growth, Awareness and friendship: A week of young energy in Osho Gautama Multiversity

Friendship, music, dance and laughter, bioenergetics, emotional work, active meditations and mandala: these are the main ingredients to make a work of personal growth really successful!
For thirty-five young people aged 14 to 18 coming from five different countries (Italy, Ukraine, Armenia, Slovakia and Latvia) who met in Osho Gautama Multiversity, it was an adventure that will stay with them all life long!

A week, from June 25th to July 2nd, where one slowly discovers oneself through work on the body and emotions, interacting more and more with his own feelings and his own personal power.
Young people are now back home with something “extra”, conscious that you can achieve a deep good feeling through the techniques of meditation and listening to the body and his feelings.
A life lived with more intensity and clarity originates from your inner self where emotions are no longer “right or wrong” but simply moments that pass and go.
Bioenergetics and Osho-do, Namaste, the embrace and the openness with the certainty of the no-judgment have traced the path for the discovery in a joyful and playful climate of friendship.
The key-word that guided the entire exchange was “TRY”, because just experimenting and going over our fears we can discover new places, possibilities, spaces and strategies to exit from stress, anxiety, depression etc.
An experience that will remain in our hearts for the growth that resulted in everyone, young or adult, fully respecting the title of the exchange: “Grow conscious and feel your body” , supported by the Erasmus + program .
Special thanks to all the people from the Osho Gautama Multiversity for their work, support, dedication and professionalism, to the organization Youth4youth and every single youngster that with its uniqueness has made this special time of growth together!

Monica MANO


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