Sketchshe, the pretty Oz girls - Be Noisy in the world
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Sketchshe, the pretty Oz girls

Sketchshe, the pretty Oz girls

When this video went out, many people stop to watch it because they are really talent. but who are them? they describe her self in Facebook as “We are Shae-lee, Lana and Madison! A music-loving, comical threesome with a cheeky mixed bag of sketches, characters and pics to tickle your funny bone.”

In each video they impact with their style, movements, beauty and views because their videos are making the people stay there waiting for the next one. However, some people arrive with critics and dislikes, some of their videos can have more than 10 thousand dislikes and some mean people being critical to them, on the other hand there likes are more than 80 thousand, so if you dont like them, move one, a lot of people love them.

Keep smiling Australian girls, Keep being different, being unique, being noise, well done noisy girls. You should do a video just in Spanish.

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