Is Xtina Aguilera a comedian? - Be Noisy in the world
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Is Xtina Aguilera a comedian?

Is Xtina Aguilera a comedian?

Can you imagine a Shakira, Cher, Sia, Lady Gaga ans Sia on the same chair? Xtina Aguilera found the way to do it on the Voice season 8th, America

Xtina (Christina), the Ecuadorian girl that is in her middle 30th is showing this year her other power, its not her voice, its her acting and comedian skills, she can imitate and this time make a great performance showing in less than 3 minutes video that can imitate Shakira and her Colombian accent or Sia and her weird style.

When she was acting as Shakira or Sia, it was ok but when she was acting as Britney or Cher, she call the attention of everyone and people in youtube start to reaction showing their feelings about that:

I can’t explain how I love this woman, she is awesome; She one of the best singer of all time, she can dance and acting. That’s why I love you Christina, that’s why she’s one of my favorite artist.”

“Cher impression was amazing. “Who is adam levine? Is that my accountant?” Hahahah”

“Singer, songwriter, producer, actress, coach and now, comedian, she can do anything and everything perfectly”

A big clap from this house, from benoisy to this talent ARTIST XTINA…You are noiser, you are talent, you are simply AMAZING

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