Youtube Fanfest SYDNEY

Youtube Fanfest is back.
This is an opportunity to meet all the YouTube stars that you have seen in Internet  and make you laugh, to thing, even to hate and at the end to follow and talk about them in social media. Its an opportunity to see them in live. Its a big mix  of music, comedy, fashion, dance, and beauty all together on one stage.
This time the event is Presented by: Chugg Entertainment, YouTube & Branded
The youtubers that are coming: Jenna Marbles, Bethany Mota, ||Superwoman|| (Lilly Singh), Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Lauren Curtis, Natalie Tran, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Jayesslee, SketchShe, Timothy DeLaGhetto and Mike Tompkins.
Special Guests: WALK THE MOON, performing their hit song “Shut Up and Dance
Some people maybe are thinking, are you seriously? someone want to go to watch it?. The answer is off course, it is one of the biggest event during the year and meet the best youtuber in one place, is  amazing. this are some reactions from some fans or this youtubers online.
  • “I honestly don’t think I’ve brought a ticket faster than I did one for this :,) LOL I’m so excited! I’m flying up from Melbourne so making a little weekend holiday out of it ! ^-^ haha”
  • “I’m in Australia I love Bethany 💛”

“YouTube FanFest Australia
11 September 2015, 7:30pm
Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney “

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