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Indonesia : Seven Summits Indonesia, Dare to Try?

Indonesia : Seven Summits Indonesia, Dare to Try?

Seven Summits Indonesia, Dare to Try?

If you’re interested to travel around Indonesia, then you’ve already have a great goal. Beside its sea with their beautiful surfing and diving spots, exotic culture, and various arts, one of travelling agenda that you should include to your list is mountaineering or mountain climbing.

Indonesia is one of countries which is passed by “Ring of Fire” lane. Ring of Fire is a lane in Pacific Ocean which contains volcanoes in that lane. Indonesia also has some eruption disasters caused by volcanoes. And it’s famous around the world. Indonesia is an archipelago country. In every Island in Indonesia, there are some mountains. So, you’ll never feel difficult if you wanna do mountaineering in Indonesia.

A concept later adopted from “Seven Summits Worldwide”, and it’s implemented to increase “selling point” of mountains in Indonesia. Seven Summits Worldwide is seven mountain peak that represent seven continents all over the world. Indonesia has 5 big islands (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua) and 2 archipelagoes (Nusa Tenggara and Maluku). That is the thing that underlie the name of “Seven Summits Indonesia”. Seven mountain peaks in every island and archipelagoes.

Wherever you visit places in Indonesia, you can feel the extreme sensation of high and valorous mountain peak. Dare to try ? Those are the Seven Summits Indonesia :

Papua – Mt. Jayawijaya

Yes, Papua has so many beautiful nature. The nature relatively has not touched yet by humans. But, in step of that, this easternmost region of Indonesia also has not touched yet by government development programs. Whereas, the tourism potential in Papua is very high.



Cartenz Pyramid

One of icons in Papua is Mt. Jayawijaya with its peak named Cartenz Pyramid. But, did you know, besides as a highest point in Papua and Indonesia with 4.884 meters of height, Cartenz Pyramid also a member of Seven Summit Worldwide. Its peak is covered by eternal snow. But, if you think to go there, prepare your budget and skills. Wall climbing skill will be useful here.

Maluku – Mt. Binaiya

Move to the west, we will get into Maluku Island. The most popular tourism in Maluku is sea. There are many beautiful diving spots there. But, of course there is a mountain there. Mt. Binaiya is in Seram Island, Central Maluku. This Non-volcano mountain has its highest peak in 3.027 meters. You can visit Kanike Village in the north and Piliana Village in the south id you want to conquer this mountain.


Mt. Binaiya

Although this mountain has only 3.027 meters, but, it will take a long time to be in the peak. About 11 days from north route and 8 days from the south route. Amazing, ya? How can it be? because to climb this mountain we will start from 0 meters. Yes from 0 meters by walking.

Kalimantan – Gunung Bukit Raya

Mountain area of Kalimantan is runs along Kalimantan island. So that a part of that mountain area is in Malaysia region. The highest peak of this biggest island in Indonesia named Mt. Kinabalu. But, sadly, Mt. Kinabalu is in Malaysia Region, so it can’t become a family of Seven Summit Indonesia.


Mt. Bukit Raya

Then, Bukit Raya is appointed as an highest point of Kalimantan with is peak is in 2.278 meters. Actually it’s not a high point. But, its climbing point is isolated and hard to reach. Because of that, the journey to that climbing point will take a several days. And it will cause the budget is higher and higher. This mountain is the second most expensive mountain after Cartenz Pyramid.

Sulawesi – Mt. Latimojong

Sulawesi is famous for its great sailor with is Pinisi boat. Island with unique shape is be habited by Bugis tribe. Bugis tribe is one of great sailor in Indonesia. Mountain also decorate the nature of Sulawesi. The highest mountain in Sulawesi is Mt. Latimojong in South Sulawesi.


Rante Mario – Latimojong

Rante Mario is the name of Mt, Latimojong peak that is in 3.430 meters. This mountain is easy to be reached. You just do your flight to Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi and then go to Enrekang District and Karangan Village to start your adventure. If you’re lucky, you can meet with endemic animal of Sulawesi, Anoa. But, I don’t know either lucky or unlucky if you’re meet with Anoa in Latimojong?

Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara – Gunung Rinjani

If you go to Bali, you can try to visit Lombok Island in Nusa Tenggara. The beautifulness of its beach is not inferior then Bali. Instead, Lombok is relatively more “virgin” then Bali. Gili Trawangan, if you have ever heard that name, that place is very exotic.


Segara Anak Lake – Rinjani

Upss! Lets back to mountain. Mt. Rinjani is also noisy certainly in Lombok tourism. This mountain is famous in Indonesia and it’s a highest mountain in Nusa Tenggara. The peak of this mountain is very beautiful in 3.726 meters. And one of the most famous things in this mountain is a Lake called Segara Anak Lake in the peak.

Sumatera – Gunung Kerinci

Kerinci is a rabbit in english. No, rabbit is Kelinci with “L”, not Kerinci. Hehehe. The westernmost island of Indonesia donate one name of highest mountain. Mt. Kerinci is lying down around West Sumatra and Jambi province. West Sumatra, if you know, is very outstanding with its food, called Rendang. Have you ever try it?


Mt. Kerinci

Mt. Kerinci is a highest active volcanoes in Southest Asia. It’s height is in 3.805 meters. The view of this mountain is beautiful with relatively an ease of access. With good physical condition you can try to climb this mountain. No additional skills, such as wall climbing skill, is needed here. And, there is a secret beautiful place here. The name is Gunung Tujuh Lake. Sssst, please don’t tell anyone, okay?

Java –Semeru

And for the last is mountain in island with fastest development in Indonesia, Java. Mt. Semeru. This mountain become more popular after a movie titled “5cm” is released. That movie show about the climbing of Mt. Semeru. After that film release, this mountain become popular and of course crowded by local climbers. “5cm effect”, we call it like that.


Mt. Semeru

The height of this mountain is in 3.676 meters. The peak shows that this mountain is an active volcanoes. Every 20 minutes, this mountain spouts cloud of dust to the sky. You can start your adventure from Ranupane Village. And, the star of this mountain is a lake in the middle of the route. Ranukumbolo Lake is the name. It’s very beautiful if you camp for one night in the bank of this lake.

Then, those are Seven Summits Indonesia. Which mountain you wanna try soon?

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