Edurne from Spain as BEYONCE - Be Noisy in the world
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Edurne from Spain as BEYONCE

Edurne from Spain as BEYONCE

Right now, we can find reality shows around the world, talents, singers, actors, chefs, travellers, adventures, etc Some of the people that are on this shows are really talent, so we want to be noisy and recognise them, in this case. EDURNE, from Spain.

This girl here is a great singer from Spain, and now is showing how talent is in a reality show the name “Tu Cara Me Suena”, where she has to sing, to dance and be as much similar as a one famous singer.

This time, she has to be as Beyonce. This is really complicate because Beyonce is Beyonce. She did her best and you can have a look at this video and check how she did, so you can take your own opinion about it, for us she did Amazing, we was watching others people around the world trying to sing and dance as Beyonce and the others were really funny but this girl Edurne, is so talent and was so close to the ex Destinys Child singer.

Actually, she won that reallity and went to Eurovision 2015. Great job girl. You are a noiser, BENOISYTALENT.


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