Preselection, Benoisy Awards 2015 - Be Noisy in the world
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Preselection, Benoisy Awards 2015

Preselection, Benoisy Awards 2015

Benoisy Awards are coming

If you are talent in your city and Noiser in social media  you can be nominated to BenoisyAwards 2015 and be at the top 12 best noiser  from all over the world.

We are selecting the best talent people around the world, you can be there, lets go to be noisy in the world.




  •    The best band
  • ·       Best male voice
  • ·       Best female voice
  • ·       Best song 2015
  • ·       Best group of fans (FAMOUS)

    • ·      Best benoisy Actor
    • ·       Best benoisy Actress
    • ·       Best Benoisy Drama group
    • ·       Best Performance (Monologue/stand up comedy/ team performance)
    • ·     Be noisy film (independient projects, filminute, shortfilms, musical videos, etc)



  • ·       Youtuber star
  • ·       Instagramers
  • ·       Blogger
  • ·       Twitters star
  • ·       Facebook group




  • ·       Dance group
  • ·       Talent in reality show
  • ·       Sport team
  •        Benoisy  talent (musician / writers / magicians / painters / designers / directors )
  •        Best Motivator/ coach







  • Be Part of one of the categories ( Check all of the categories behind and check if you suit in one of that one)
  • Be noisy in social media (Ask to everyone to vote for you in social media, you will need help from your friends, family, fans, etc)

Send your details ( name, email, links of your social media and a paragraph introducing your self and telling why you can be part of benoisy. Send this information via email to

Be ready to benoisy, soon we will tell you what is the next step. The most noisers will be part of the top 12 around the world.

Be ready, Be different, Be unique, Be talent, Be noisy.


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