Lets introduce an Amazing Japanese girls band. - Be Noisy in the world
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Lets introduce an Amazing Japanese girls band.

Lets introduce an Amazing Japanese girls band.

From Japan Band Maid, you will love them

Its time to benoisy and show new talent from all over the world, this time the turn is for Band Maid, a Japanese girls band, with their talent, style are calling  the attention of many people.

The people on Youtube reaction to their new video REAL EXISTENCE, like rodger deering “I’m an American guitarist, and I look for REAL hard rock music to listen to…Foo Fighters, and a lot of bands from Sweden and other places. These girls from Japan are the REAL DEAL! They write and play their own instruments. I just watched a live video of them…they are pretty damn awesome! Even though I don’t speak Japanese, the realness & the pureness of their music blazes through! AWESOME band! Love you gals! 😉 Keep up the GREAT work!”

Its a bit alternative for few people, but the most important is they are calling the attention and being noisy, congratulation girls, Be noisy band from Japan.

Follow them: Band Maid

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