Challenge time: reverse bungee in Singapore ( charlieshun )

I have to said that, i want to go to live in Singapore, its awesome. its a small country but you have all there, since the most amazing restaurants and pubs until the best parks, adventures and places ever.

One of theme is reverse bungee, maybe you had been before in one of this,but this was my first time. I sweet a lot, i was so scare, but i can said i did. It is just one in life and my first time was in Singapore.

The adrenaline is for maybe 20 seconds but all the process was maybe 15 minutes. I dint know where put my hands, where look at, i was suffering but this is adrenaline, this is the feeling that i was looking for and the view from the top is unique. i recommend this experiences 100%, go for it, try in your country or if you visit one day Singapore, do it. its AMAZING..

The price is 100 dollars aprox with video.

Soon i will tell you all about this country, this trip was amazing, Love Singapore

Jen C.
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