Second episode, My australian family "its 1am is no time to sleep" - Be Noisy in the world
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Second episode, My australian family “its 1am is no time to sleep”

Second episode, My australian family “its 1am is no time to sleep”

Here we go, did you watch our first episode of My Australian family.   A group of people from different nationalities having different experiences in Australia,

When i star my trip in Australia, i never expect how amazing this experience will be, people from every every around the world, languages, cultures, religions, etc. This experience make me more mature and understand many things in life. I wasn’t a kid any more, we have here to work, to study but to party, to enjoy, to travel, to live as well.

The last time we meet the lovely Brazilians, my brother from Switzerland and my funny friend from Saudi Arabia, This time i will introduce you three more friends that are part of this amazing experiences, one from Japan, other from Taiwan and another one from Estonia.

This time, we are going to a Party, but one of our friends can follow our routine, is tired, but becareful, never get tired if you are around of international people. here we go, Its time for our second episode, where the girls from Japan, Brasil and Estonia will wake up the Taiwanese guy, because is just 1 am.

Its party time,  and when is party and you mix different nationalities is no time for sleep. From Perth, this is Benoisy, this is Charlieshun, this is My australian life

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