Benoisy movie: Wolf Creek - Be Noisy in the world
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Benoisy movie: Wolf Creek

Benoisy movie: Wolf Creek

Do you like suspense? Do you like travel? Had you been a backpacker once?  This movie is for you.

One of the best Australian movies that i had ever watched This movie is so good that has a second part, but as always the first part is the best one.

A group of backpackers traveling up north in Australia, driving in  large parts uninhabited where many things can happen, it is  be very scary. Its based in a true story Shane Dwyer comment in youtube ” I’m Australian and il tell u now almost everything you’ll see in the movie is true number 2 isn’t I don’t think but number one is he’s rotting in Goulburn jail now the jail that most of Australias worst criminals go like Ivan Milat and Malcolm naden. he was Australia’s worst criminal look it up if u want. And Goulburn isn’t a nice place at all well considering it’s a maximum maximum security prison I’d hope not”

I watched this movie with my flatmates and we got few conclusion:

Drive safe,

Tell everyone where are you going,

You never know what is going on tomorrow,

Great Australian movie, so go for your popcorn and be ready to book your next trip to Wolf Creek

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