TOP 12 The best Latinoamerican and Spanish singers 2 - Be Noisy in the world
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TOP 12 The best Latinoamerican and Spanish singers 2

TOP 12 The best Latinoamerican and Spanish singers 2

It’s interesting when you travel to other countries and the people know that you are from other countries they start to sing any famous song. In my case, I am originally from latinomaerica so when I travel to Europe, Asia or Australia, even when I went to study English and I meet people from other countries they answerme #whereverwhenever #shakira  #livinglavidaloca #rickymartin #tengolacamisanegra etc

This is my list from my travel experiences what is the top 12 the most famous latinoamerican/Spanish singers thar are famous around the world.

Number 1 SHAKIRA

Its easy, It’s the most famous latin woman around the world, wherever you go, you talk about Spanish people and they talk about #loca #shakira #hipsdontlie #lascaderasnomienten #wakawaka #cantremembertoforgiveyou . This colombian speaks 5 languages, have many hits in English and Spanish and a lot of people want to move their hips as her. Wherever you go around the world you will listen a hit of this latin girl.  Asians, Europeans, Australians know her.  Creative, unique, different, amazing, this is our Number one #SHAKIRA

Number 2. JLO

Actriss, singer, judge in American Idol.  She can move her hips too and you can find great hits of her, most of them in English, every where. She is sexy and everyone can see it. At night clubs around the world always you will find people dancing or singing #letsgetloud #onthefloor . This is the power of #jlo


This Spanish guy is making dance everyone with his last hit #bailando , his clip  is one of the videos with more views around the world . He sings in Spanish and English. Its Spanish, so is #sexy #hot #candance . #Enriqueiglesias is making sing everyone in Spanish #bailando #bailando


Actually #Rickymartin is so famous in #Australia . He is one of the judge in tv show  #Thevoiceaustralia and make some tours around this continent singing #shebangs #livinglavidaloca #lacopadelavida. Every one found him sexy and handsome. Its Puertorican, like Gery hallowell said is #unchicolatino . He is singing since he was teenager and has a lot of hits in both languages.


Some people call her, the Queen of the latin music. Famous for hits like #conga #mitierra at the 80th and 90th she was the sexy latin woman symbol. If you go to any karaoke around the world is normal to find some songs of her that were hits few years ago but the people still remember like if it was yerterday . She is one of the m,ost famous Cuban #gloriasteffan.

Number 6. PITBULL

Armando Cristian Perez is a cuban rapper. I will tell you with who he has singing and with this is enough to tell you why he is on this list. #Akon #Afrojack #enriqueiglesias #marcanthony #christinaaguilera #inna #nayer #djkhaled #djfellifel #jumpsmokers #t-pan #seanpaul #jenniferlopez #chrisbrown #kesha #priyankachopra #florida #ne-yo #shakira #vein #jasonderulo #havanabrown #usher #davidrush #beckyg #kellyrowland #mohombi #nelly #djbuddha #juicyj #beberexha #lloyd #b.o.b #nicolescherzinger #sensato #ludacris #davidguetta #timbaland #princeroyce #ciara


This guy maybe some of you don’t know him but I will tell a story. I used to work in a cafe in Adelaide (SA) and at the play list songs there was few song of this singer. I didn’t understand why, until I saw the reaction of the customers when the song was playing. They grew up with this music, their families like him. The people  Known him for his romantic and is Enrique Iglesias father. He is no just famous in Latinoamerica or Europe, He is famous in Australia too.


This lady was singing for  six decades, Celia Cruz’s  make dance everyone, her energy was awesome. Songs like #lavidaesuncarnaval #lifeisacarnaval made her one of the most amazing latinoamerican singer. If you haven’t listening about her, I invite you to watch one of yher videos and listen her to said #azucar

Number 9 Mariah Carey

Why #mariahcarey maybe you ask right now? Because she is half Venezuelan. And for sure you know her or had hear any of her songs. Her voice is a pleaser to hear. She is a latioamerican #hero

Number 10 Cristina Aguilera

The same as Mariah , I know that few people maybe doesn’t have idea that Aguilera’s father is from Ecuador so She is half Latin. Xtina has some songs in Spanish even an album in his second language. Some travellers affirm that she has one of the best voices ever. Most of her hits has a Spanish version like #ungenioatrapado or #venconmigo #xtina


One of the best Guitar player ever, When you travel around asia, you can listening in some places Santana’s music The Mexican musician plays guitar since eight and in 2000he won some Grammyes  including, “Record of the Year” and “Best Rock Album” for the hit album “Supernatural.” #oyecomova #smooth #santana

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