Travelers: ASIA... A quick view of Thailand, Indonesia, Malasya, Singapure. - Be Noisy in the world
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Travelers: ASIA… A quick view of Thailand, Indonesia, Malasya, Singapure.

Travelers: ASIA… A quick view of Thailand, Indonesia, Malasya, Singapure.

If you are organising your next holidays and you want to have adrenaline, relax, visit temples, nice beaches and mix with different cultures, this video is for you. Let’s look at some of the best places in Asia that you have to visit.

One of them is Bali – the favourite holiday spot for Australians. You will find nice hotels, great waves, monkeys, nice weather and 100% relaxation, and its all really cheap.

Next stop: Thailand. There is so much variety, but the best thing for me is the beaches. Kho Lan, Kho Phi Phi… the place is awesome, the sand is soft, the sea is a mix between green and blue – a colour you’ve never seen before in your life. If you do scuba diving there, or even snorkelling, you will see hundreds of fishes in the sea. The food is really cheap and yummy.

Thailand is full of travellers so don’t expect an undiscovered beach… oh, and don’t forget the ping pong show!

Another place that you can see in this video is a city where I want to live in the future… 70% Chinese, 14% Malay, 7% Indian… yes its Singapore! A mix between nature, technology, top restaurants, one of the world’s best restaurants, this city has everything you want. Don’t forget to visit the viewing deck of the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay at night is something spectacular. Just be noisy and scream how much you love Singapore lah!

Of course, you must visit the Petronas Towers, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Another place with a mix of Chinese, Malays and Indians. It’s might be humid and grey but it’s a great place.

Let’s travel to south east Asia… this is my trip, my experience, my memories. For you, feel that you are in Asia for a few seconds as you get ready to make your own experiences and memories.

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