ORPHAN BLACK - Be Noisy in the world
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Had you thinking what happen if you have a twin or a clon, no one or two, many of you. People similar to you but that had born in different countries and speak different languiages and one day you meet. How you will reaction.

Clones, twins, thecnology, drama, action, romance, comedy, this is one of the greats tv series right now. From Canada to the world, #Tatianamaslany is showing how amazing and talent can be an actor. She is doing different characters in this serie. A crazy girl, a police one, a perfect mom, a scientist, etc.

This is the first Canadian tv series that I watch and I love it, I just finish to watch the third season and I can not wait for the forth one. I love Helena, Casima, Sara, Alison, I recommend this project is awesome. #benoisytvseries  this time is for #Orphanblack

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