How to speak Australian - Be Noisy in the world
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How to speak Australian

How to speak Australian

Hey mate, Sup? Lets have a Barbie, or Capitan Cook. Ok if you don’t have idea what I am talking about letme tell you, this is Australian English with some words that maybe you can understand or maybe not.
After travel a lot, sometimes I find that is hard understand some Australians, because they use slangs completely different to Americans or Southafricans or newzelands.

If you have travelled to Australia, you will know they have a special accent. Some people get it and some people don’t. Sometimes people from England or America or Canada can’t understand it. In my case, I have learned English in Australia, and sometimes when I speak to my sister who learned English in Canada, we can’t understand each other because the slang is so different.
In this video, Marcus and Zoella from England show everyone how the Australian accent is. They try to say a few words in an Aussie accent and explain what it means. For example, do you know what g’day, hooroo, and sheila means?
Marcus has more than three million subscribers on his channel. He is always making interesting videos and often works together with other Youtubers like Zoella.
This video is funny and interesting, and shows a bit about Australia from an English perspective. It is even a bit educational.
From Australia to England is really far – nearly 24 hours flying time – we are sending you a big hug over the seas. You are really talented… keep on being noisy, guv’ner!

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