Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again (Australia) FINAL Eurovision 2015 LIVE - Be Noisy in the world
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Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again (Australia) FINAL Eurovision 2015 LIVE

Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again (Australia) FINAL Eurovision 2015 LIVE

Australian Singer in Euopean Competition. Eurovision. Why?

Time to be noisy and to show an awesome artist, his name is Guy Sebastian. This is the second year that Australia had been invited to be part of Eurovision. This is a big event in Europe and in the second time that an Australian singer is on it. This year went #GuySebastian, famous Australian singer that participated in a reality show in his country, #Australianidol, in 2003. He was the winner at that time. Twelve years after he participates in other concourse, this time is Eurovision where had been a platform for singers likeĀ  like #ConchitaWrust #Tatu #Abba #Danna #Celinedion etc

His performance was one of the best ones this year, such a great song, effects, and energy. He was a really #benoisyintheworld artist, and for his power and impact make him one of the five better singers.

Australia went to Eurovision showing how talent is the people in this country, it was amazing.
Australian finish at 5th position. Watch this presentation is awesome.

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